De menagerie, Melchior d'Hondecoeter, Rijksmuseum

On the fly collection integration

Cultural Heritage

Providing access to cultural heritage data about birds, that is our goal. Preferably in an integrated view, combining videos, images, sounds and artworks. Birds are just the beginning, the methods we develop can be used for any topic.


Not all cultural heritage data is rich enough to be used from the start. In comes the crowd, helping us to better describe the collections. Do you know a lot about birds? Please help us identify them on arworks, in videos or provide sounds (as in recordings of bird sounds, not you mimicking them).


Cultural heritage data does not always work well together. One collection can be described in a completely different way as another. They might need some counseling, which we call alignment. We align it on the fly.


And what can you do with this nicely enriched and aligned data? We created an API, allowing you to embed the data on your own site. Not that much of a code monkey? The annotation wall and species page showcase the functions of this API.


DigiBird is a valorisation project funded by the Dutch national program